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Everything, By Everyone The Internet is a crazy place.  A magical, mystical, intangible world of cats, porn, information and every so often, a game or two.  I’m focusing just on the last one for now.  Online games have a lot … Continue reading

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Board Game Geek

Board Game Website I spend a lot of time looking around for new board games and reading about ones I already have.  There is one site and one site alone I go to for any of my board game needs: … Continue reading

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Combat Runner Tool

4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons ToolAs an aspiring engineer, I’m completely in favor of working smarter, not harder.  Plus, with my penchant for programming on the side, I have a habit of making my computer do my more mundane, monotonous … Continue reading

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Math Scrabble

Math Scrabble is just like Scrabble, but instead of letters, players get numbers and arithmetic operators.  There is a pile of equal signs that players can freely draw from.  Players will always need at least 1 equal sign, therefore they are extremely important and … Continue reading

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Hardcore Catan (v1.1)

Hardcore Catan Variant Rules and Scenario (v1.1)(Updated 3/15/2011) Catan is a great game.  It combines strategy, diplomacy and forethought into a fun game anyone can play.  However, it’s not challenging.  As much fun as I have playing Catan (and I … Continue reading

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Shifting Alignment Variant (v 1.1)

Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Ed. Variant Rule (v 1.1)Updated 10/27/2011 It’s high time I came to accept it.  Third Edition D&D is gone.  Yeah, I could still go and play it with some friends, but with no new books being … Continue reading

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Project Aon

Lone Wolf Gamebook Online Resource  Many years ago, I got into this book series called Lone Wolf.  It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure series that takes it to a much more in-depth level.  Rather than the typical “Do you do … Continue reading

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Stratego Variant Rules

Independent Variant Rules to Stratego Stratego is a classic game.  Nearly everyone I know knows Stratego and has played it at some point as a kid.  I almost feel bad adding a few rules to spice it up a bit, but … Continue reading

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Zombies!!! Additional Rules

Zombies!!! Variants and Alternate Rules Zombies!!! is a pretty fun game series.  I mean, everyone loves killing zombies!  I really like the mechanic of how you build the city as the game progresses.  To me, it simulates being lost in … Continue reading

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Divine Favor

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Ed. Variant Mechanic One of my favorite things in making new rules is finding some small inconsequential part of the game and making a whole mechanic out of that.  I do it a lot and I … Continue reading

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