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D&D Skill Variants

Over the years, I’ve incorporated a number of house rules into my Dungeons and Dragons games. While many of them are intended for 3.5 edition, they are pretty easily translated to 4th. I always liked a skill-focused D&D game. I … Continue reading

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D&D Web Resources

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to post anything.  For that, I pretend to apologize.  Rather than bore everyone with why I haven’t posted, I give you Filler Materials!!! I’ve recently gotten a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 … Continue reading

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Combat Runner Tool

4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons ToolAs an aspiring engineer, I’m completely in favor of working smarter, not harder.  Plus, with my penchant for programming on the side, I have a habit of making my computer do my more mundane, monotonous … Continue reading

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Shifting Alignment Variant (v 1.1)

Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Ed. Variant Rule (v 1.1)Updated 10/27/2011 It’s high time I came to accept it.  Third Edition D&D is gone.  Yeah, I could still go and play it with some friends, but with no new books being … Continue reading

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Divine Favor

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Ed. Variant Mechanic One of my favorite things in making new rules is finding some small inconsequential part of the game and making a whole mechanic out of that.  I do it a lot and I … Continue reading

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A Very Good Place To Start

As a pretty hardcore nerd, one of my favorite activities is playing games (role playing / board / video). But more than that, I enjoy making my own games and rules for other games. The idea behind this blog is … Continue reading

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