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Drunkards of Catan

Settlers of Catan Drinking Game I wanted a drinking game for Catan that was more than just “drink when you build a road!”.Something a little more involved and integrated while staying simple.  Too many things to remember bog down the … Continue reading

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D&D Skill Variants

Over the years, I’ve incorporated a number of house rules into my Dungeons and Dragons games. While many of them are intended for 3.5 edition, they are pretty easily translated to 4th. I always liked a skill-focused D&D game. I … Continue reading

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Stratego Variant Rules

Independent Variant Rules to Stratego Stratego is a classic game.  Nearly everyone I know knows Stratego and has played it at some point as a kid.  I almost feel bad adding a few rules to spice it up a bit, but … Continue reading

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Zombies!!! Additional Rules

Zombies!!! Variants and Alternate Rules Zombies!!! is a pretty fun game series.  I mean, everyone loves killing zombies!  I really like the mechanic of how you build the city as the game progresses.  To me, it simulates being lost in … Continue reading

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A Very Good Place To Start

As a pretty hardcore nerd, one of my favorite activities is playing games (role playing / board / video). But more than that, I enjoy making my own games and rules for other games. The idea behind this blog is … Continue reading

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